A Victory for us

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

We accumulated a $1.1 million dollar mortgage debt in ourforeclosure case. Based upon Richard Kahn's written Stage One Evidentiary Findings testimony by Affidavit  (an optional form of FPG-USA reporting) Mr. Kahn underwent several hours of deposition by the opposing counsel law firm (Blank Rome) at their expense. Prior to trial we received a settlement offer of $410,000 mortgage at 3.1% interest, waiving the 5 years of no mortgage payments and amortizing the loan over the remaining term, extinguishing any unpaid interest, fees and other charges. The trial was put off pending the outcome of the loan modification offer. This was a victory for us. Mr. Kahn is out of the picture and we will decide what we want to do from here. He did his job. Now it's up to us.

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