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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

"I am the Founder and litigating attorney PHV of Foreclosure Defense Nationwide.  Our network of attorneys is representing borrowers in dozens of states. I feel Mr. Kahn is one of the few real testifying experts in borrower side foreclosure defense nationwide. He has taken the witness stand as an expert in multiple cases of ours, been deposed multiple times and sustained his expertise and evidence against aggressive opposing counsel in each. His testimony recently was the basis for my client Olsak winning with prejudice against Citibank in Monroe County, FL. Mr. Kahn provides an affordable written assessment before taking on cases. If warranted he then performs a full investigation with written testimomy. His pricing is sensible and he has services to fit every need. He is very, very good. I highly recommend him."

W. Jeff Barnes, Esq.

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