Is there any relationship between Richard Kahn (FPG-USA)and Vince Khan (George Tran)?

None at all. Richard Kahn is FPG-USA's senior qualifying expert. His bio can be viewed from the ABOUT tab. ​FPG-USA does not do business with these parties. Vince Khan is an assumed name of George Tran. George Tran operates ConsumerDefense along with his undisclosed partner Tom Freeman (real name is Thomas Hargreaves) who steers their clients to outside auditors for undisclosed hefty fees. Both live in Eugene, Oregon. Both parties entered the securitization business a few years ago. Hargreaves was an unemployed truck driver and Tran a successful computer programmer and internet marketer. Tran is reported to have lost a few of his own foreclosures after starting his "system". You can search about them online.

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