What is our NO EXCEPTIONS policy on assessment upgrades to full MFFI-TID audit packages and reviews?

On 07/31/2015 FPG-USA put their no exceptions final policy on the following items into full effect. The policy was set in January 2015 and we allowed exceptions for 6 months. From 08/01/2015 there are no exceptions.

  • If an assessment is upgraded to a full MFFI-TID audit package within 15 days of the assessment date we provide an immediate credit against the full cost at checkout. See pricing.

  • Clients who wish to convert an assessment to a full audit 30-60 days after their assessment date incur an additional charge at checkout to cover the cost of our reviewing and updating initial findings and research. See pricing.

  • Clients who wish to discuss an assessment or full MFFI-TID audit older than 60 days from issue date incur a Case Review charge. Includes a one time consult of up to 20 minutes with the expert. Additional consult time is available at posted pricing in Column "C" of our pricing schedules but must be performed within 72 hours of the Case Review consults. See pricing.

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