What is O.A.R. ?

O.A.R. - Outside Audit(or) Reviews

"A cottage industry of pretender experts, mostly unemployed loan officers, have labeled themselves 'securitization experts'. They promise the world but deliver bogus results."

- Author unknown​. Thought to be either from April Charney or one of the Attorney Generals in the National Association of Attorney Generals. ​

Fake, bogus and pretender securitization audit "experts" provide false hope to borrowers who rely on them, taking away opportunity for winning against foreclosure. These bogus pretenders are just out to make money on the backs of distressed homeowners. It's wrong. Everyone suffers but them.

All too often borrowers are misled into thinking they have evidence of wrongful foreclosure provided by a reputable expert. By the time they discover they were duped and wasted their money it is often too late to win, settle or negotiate. They chance for a 'win' or to work out a good long term settlement evaporates. A loss predicated on bogus reporting and credentials can be very costly.

Victims ready to fight back can use O.A.R.

If you've been duped and want to confront the falsity and worthlessness of a bogus "expert's" expensive report, O.A.R. reporting may help you make and win a case against them.

Selling worthless reporting that doesn't qualify as evidence by an expert with exaggerated credentials is not only wrong; it hurts the clients and stains the industry of bona-fide experts.

If it will benefit your cause, we'll review and expose the falsity, then be willing to stand behind it with a sworn oath affidavit and testimony if it comes to that. In this manner you have qualifying expert ammunition in hand to use as you see fit.

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