What are the ways you can testify in my case?

We can provide expert testimony in different ways:

  • Appear in person at your trial and take the witness stand.

  • Provide testimony to both borrower's and lender's attorneys with a stenographer to write the verbal text transcript and a videographer who tapes the session. Both can be submitted to the Judge in your case.

  • Provide testimony to both borrower's and lender's attorneys with a stenograhper who provides a written transcript which is submitted into the case.

  • If the Judge allows it, the expert can testify via skype. In this manner he can appear on the screen in chambers or the courtroom and can see the courtroom on his screen at the same time as speaking and listening in a head set.

  • By phone if the Judge allows it. Usually the expert is ready during a window of time and is given a phone number to call in on, then placed on hold until such time as the Judge is ready to permit verbal testimony.

  • Written testimony, ususally submitted in the form of a report and/or sworn oath affidavit. This is the manner in which we provide our investigative reporting.

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