How do we expose Fraud Upon The Court?

Empowering Judges with the testimony and experience of a testifying expert to help the Court determine of issues is a compelling reason that we ply our trade.

Not all lender fraud in mortgage loan litigation, foreclosure and sales is brought forward. Conspirators do not always get long prison  terms as they have in some cases. Take Taylor Bean and Colonial Bank as examples where executive conspirators were sentenced to long prison terms.

Many lenders commit foreclosure fraud in court without exposure. The field is very complex and litigation procedure may prevent substantive evidence from being properly brought forth under the Rules.

It is our opinion that every Judge and Court wants fraud which may be being brought upon the Court to have it exposed. Then the decisions they make are up to them. Our job is just to expose the basis of it, let the legal minds claim it when found and then let the law of the land decide.

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