MFFI Exposes Questionable Foreclosure

The MFFI mortgage foreclosure fraud investigation exposes the questionable and/or
fabricated foreclosure transaction" made to look legitimate in a court when that is not the case.
Some cases qualify for the added TID "Trust Identified investigation on top of the MFFI at which point the audit is known simply as TID. Both investigations and reporting can expose material controversy or outright misrepresentation in the form of evidence the expert can submit and defend against opposing counsel challenges.
The MFFI "mortgage foreclosure fraud investigation" exposes genuine controversy such as:
  • Questionable or fabricated foreclosure transactions made to look legitimate in a court but in fact are unlawfully conducted with such enterprise as robo-signing, falsified documentation, material misrepresentation, false statements, false identification, forgery, false claims of executive position, unlawful notary actions, back dating and more.
  • ​ Falsity in claims of beneficial ownership, rights and authority.
  • ​ Wrongful foreclosure by loan servicers or trustees and other parties who are directing and controlling the foreclosure actions without proof of authority; who are not the beneficial owners and not the tue holder in due course owner or party with authorization to foreclose.
  • ​ Misrepresentation in chains of assignment of mortgages or deeds of trust to demonstrate the foreclosing party has no rights or authority to foreclose. Includes robo-signing, forgery, fraudulent claims.
  • ​Loan securitization where the note was sold to an undisclosed party, paid in full and the note and mortgage have been separated.
  • Expsosing the purported ownership by a REMIC Trust as bogus and contrived.
  • And more...
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