Delivery Times, Small details 

and Shipping Methods

Normal Delivery Times:
Assessments: 7 to 12 "business" days. Full MFFI and TID Audits: 21-35 "business" days.
  • Days are business days excluding legal holidays and company vacation periods (see below).
  • Delivery dates toll from the business day after payment or final documents arein (whichever is later) and do not include day of delivery.
  • Any submission of additional docs after finals are in resets the countdown.
  • Extensions may occur due to your expert occupied out of the office on live testimony.
  • 1/3 off, 1/2 off and 2/3rds off RUSH orders may be available on proof of court date actions.
Delivery Methods:
Assessments  and MFFI and TID Audits: By email in .pdf format. Signatures are in blue ink so you can print in color.
Sworn Oath Affidavits will be delivered in the manner above with the blue ink originals sent via snail mail..
Legal bank holidays are not "business days". Neither are weekends.
Holidays we observe: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Religious holidays as they apply.
Company Vacation Periods - Short staffing and/or company wide.
1 week Spring Break (Usually the last week in March); 2 week Winter Break (Last 7 days of Dec./ 1st 7 days of Jan.); and 2-3 week Summer vacation which can occur in June and/or July.
The "BOARD": First come first served except for approved court date required rushes
We operate on a production "board". Clients are placed on with a paid order. Documents follow. We go in the order of payment and documents. You may place orders and deliver documents 24/7/365 and they will be handled in the prescribed manner. Rush orders (with court supporting date documentation) will be considered but not at the expense of clients on the Board in their turns. Additional Rush charges will apply for working after regular business hours. Inquire for acceptance first before placing a RUSH order.
Investigation Process:
Document intake and preparation. Evaluate issues of toxicity that require research. Investigate and research. Accumulate evidence file. Pull graphical and text evidence snippets. Create timelines, document details, graphs. Report writing. Review and Issuance. Comments received considered and revisions will be made if applicable. Sworn oath affidavit will be drawn, expert will have it notarized.
Ph:  417-862-4710