FAQs on Taking deposition of

FPG-USA Expert Witness


Much expert case review work goes into deposition prep from the time a deposition is scheduled. We also block the date to any other bookings. Both of which can result in lost revenue to the firm on deposition date re-scheduling or cancellations. We ask opposing counsel not to book depositions cavalierly. Essentially there are no refunds on deposition date orders. Date changes can be made 10 or more days out from the deposition date without penalty. Date changes made within 9 days of the deposition date incur a $675 rescheduling fee. This is to cover overtime and weekend time charges to accomplish the work orders that will have to be done for our other clients to accommodate late deposition bookings.


Upon consent of all parties to a case, a deposition for discovery purposes may be taken of non-litigating party expert witness.



Generally the party(s) taking the deposition shall pay the standard customary and usual charges of the expert witness for the time preparing for and attending the deposition. Customary expert witness fees or charges may also be incurred for evidence, samples, models etc., as will customary usual expert witness charges for transportation and meals. The deposition location as well as stenographer and expenses of parties conducting the deposition shall be borne by the party taking deposition. Expert shall be provided a "blue line" copy of the transcript to review and make any corrections, at no cost. Should the expert order a final copy of the corrected deposition, the expert shall pay the cost.


Location and Manner of Taking Deposition

There are numerous hotels in the Homestead, Florida and most are ill suited for deposition. The best recommendations for comfort and convenience are the two hotels near Baptist Hospital, Homestead, FL. These are the Courtyard Marriott Homestead  and Hampton Inns and Suites Miami-South/Homestead. These small conference rooms have convenient parking and lobby locations with rest rooms, coffee station and speaker phones on the table. 


There are no travel charges by the expert witness to attend a deposition in Homestead, FL. If  you wish to have attendance outside this area, travel charges will apply (see above).


Notice to non-litigating party Expert Witness

Notice of deposition shall be served on the non-party expert witness. Notice may be by mutual agreement and/or subpoena. Shall set forth name of party(s) seeking deposition, time and place proposed for the deposition, name of party deposing the expert. If taken on written questions then copy shall be annexed to the notice.


Objections by non-litigating party Expert Witness

Objection is likely to be made only on scheduling conflicts, non-payment of regular deposition fees at time of scheduling.


Subpoenas Accompanied by Token Payment

Token payments such as those which may accompany subpoenas will be returned and/or "voided" at deposition.


When Deposition of Expert Witness May Be Taken

After notice of trial has been issued or case has been assigned to a Judge or Special Trial Judge of the Court. If not within time for completion of discovery, then by unanimous decision of parties or otherwise by Judge's order.

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