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Sending Documents


Ready to Send us your documents securely?

These will go directly to our Director Richard Kahn's secure FPG-USA (the same as our logo in our header) document intake portal where they will be reviewed, assigned and a response sent to you.

For best results, please follow these suggestions when scanning INITIAL case documents yourself to send: (Adobe pdf or Word files):

  • Scans should be black and white document (not photo) at 300 dpi initially. 

  • If we require full color or original large file size documentation in your possession we will request these.

To email us documents:

1. Please do not email large files (over 2 megabytes), use the link above and send your large size documents in that fashion.

2. We welcome emails, this is our preferred method of communication.

3. Follow up documentation is welcomed via email. Send emails with or without attachments directly to your expert's email address or to

To snail mail or deliver us documents:

  • Simply advise us by email when you intend to mail or have documents delivered, prior to doing so. Address upon request.

Ph:  417-862-4710